You are required to have a username and password before you can access the KeepMeSafe  app.

See below:-

You have successfully paid for your application.

Your payment has been successful.  Please create a username and password
Your username and password may already be on our system , if this is the case then  -Sign in from the login screen of the app..

If  you already have a Username and password you may access the KeepMeSafe app on your  mobile phone or view your account on the website.

An  email has been sent to your trackee advising them to  access the KeepMeSafe sign in screen to create a username and password.  

The email also includes a link to the Android Market so that the  KeepMeSafe app can be downloaded free directly to their mobile phone.

If you are a new member of KeepMeSafe  then please take a moment to create  your  username and password here.  Once you have a username and password you will be able to access the KeepMeSafe app on your mobile phone.

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