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Lose My Number is a free-to-use online personal safety service that allows visitors to the website to have an additional, disposable phone number diverted to their existing mobile or landline. This number, as it is free and can be disconnected simply and quickly, is a safer and more convenient alternative to giving out a permanent personal number. Can be used when making a purchase online or when meeting new people. We work in consultation with the national charity, The Suzy Lamplugh Trust.

 Since the service was set up in  early August 2010, we have received emails to the site from victims of stalking thanking us for providing this service.


"It's always wiser to avoid giving new acquaintances any of your contact details, such as address or phone number until you know them better. In the meantime, give them a mobile number you could easily change, or use a service like Lose My Number, which is designed specifically to help people feel more secure and have extra peace of mind when meeting new people,"
Jo Walker, Suzy Lamplugh Trust

“It’s not often that we are asked to review a website that offers a truly invaluable service for the modern world but we think we’ve found one,"

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Winner of The Supernova Award for Most Innovative Business 2010

What are the call charges?
The allocated 070 number provided is a security number and therefore the person calling will be charged a 12.5p set-up cost and 47.54p per minute weekdays, daytime from 07:00:00, 37.84p per minute weekdays, evening from 19:00:00 and 37.84p per minute at weekends from a BT landline. Other networks may vary. It is advised you inform anyone you give the number to that this number is chargeable to the caller. Please see our full terms and conditions for details