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Keep Me Safe overview?
Keep Me Safe is a personal safety app that can track your location, store your previous journeys and activities, allow you to map your route and alert your nominated trackers if you feel unsafe or are in trouble. Keep Me Safe uses advanced GPS technology to map your location, which can only be accessed by the people you nominate to let them know you’re safe.

New users must create a personal account in order to access the full range of services provided by the application. Please click Create Account www.keepmesafe.co/registeruser.html to register and create a username and password that you will use to access the Keep Me Safe app. You will also be able to nominate people to be your trackers. This could be a parent, partner, employer or friend and you may select up to two.

Once registered, you can log in to your personal Keep Me Safe account via the app using the username and password you created. You will not be able to receive push notifications within the application without a Google Mail account on your phone. If you have problems logging in, or if you have forgotten your log in details, please follow the link to the Keep Me Safe website.

After you have successfully logged in you will be directed to the main Keep Me Safe page, where, depending on whether you are the tracker or the trackee , you will be able to select one or more of the following options:

View my previous journeys

View trackees journeys

From this page, you can also notify your friends via Facebook, Twitter or email that you are using the Keep Me Safe application. This will not reveal your location.

You can access information about the app by clicking on the Info button, including details about the app, contact information, FAQs and this help section.

Visit the Settings page by selecting the info button from the home screen. From here you can decide when your nominated trackers have access to your location information by selecting one or more of the options. You can change these if you wish. To let your nominated trackers follow your journeys and track your location, make sure the nominated trackers box is selected. This option will not be made available to app users under 16 years of age.

By selecting the current journey map, you will be able to see your current location via a pinpoint on the map. Once the green Start button has been pressed, you will be able to choose list view or map view of your journey. During your journey, you can drop pin markers onto the map, which will mark the time, date and an option to record what you were doing. For example: ‘Coffee at Swan Cafe with Katy’. It will also be used to mark the route you took on your journey. Enabling ‘Use Wireless Networks’ within your phone’s settings will help the app to map your first location more quickly.

By selecting My Previous Journeys on the home screen, you can view your journey history. By selecting a journey, you will be able to see the details, such as the route you took and any events you added by dropping a pin marker. These can be viewed in map or list view by selecting the appropriate tab.


There are two levels of alerts that you can use to let your nominated trackers know you are either feeling unsafe, or you are in trouble: amber alert and red alert.

Amber alert is activated by pressing the amber alert button on the screen. In order to avoid this happening by accident, you will be asked to confirm this status. The application will increase the rate at which it logs your location, meaning your location on the app will be more precisely recorded. After 15 minutes the application will prompt you to dismiss the alert. If this does not happen within two minutes, a red alert will be raised and a text message will be sent to your nominated trackers.

If you press red alert, a text message will be sent to your nominated trackers using the mobile number provided during the registration process. The app will ask you to confirm this status to avoid pressing the red alert button by accident.

Once red alert has been activated, this status will remain until the journey has been stopped, by pressing the red stop button.

I can’t see my trackee’s location

Unless the trackee has opted for their location to be visible, trackers will not be able to see any location information, even when the tracking facility is switched on. This option is not made available to registered users under 16 years of age.


Keep Me Safe will monitor the battery life of your handset when the tracking facility is switched on and will reduce the intervals at which it logs your location when the battery is low. This will reduce power drainage.

If you are having any problems with the app, or have a specific question not answered here, please see our extended FAQs on the website or contact us via the Contact Us page. This can be found by clicking on the menu option located on the home screen.

For further information please view our Terms & Conditions.